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Nintendo 3DS: Worth It?

Posted in editorial, gaming on January 21st, 2011 by ddawg – Be the first to comment

It’s official. Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that their new 3DS portable system will release on March 27 (US) for $249.

The successor to the highly popular Nintendo DS (and subsequent iterations), the Nintendo 3DS boasts their glasses-free 3D capabilities. How does it work? Long story short, with a smaller screen, the 3DS is able produce a 3D autostereoscopy effect. Since you’re most likely playing head-on, viewing angle isn’t as much of an issue and you don’t really have to worry about multiple people looking at the screen (as you would with TV). The 3D effect is option, however, as the system includes a slider to adjust the 3D effect.

Aside from 3D, the 3DS also offers several improvements including an analog stick, expandable SD storage, an accelerometer, and gyroscope. The menu system has been revamped, allowing for multitasking (switching out of games to apps) and easy access to the various programs in the system. There’s a 3D camera that allows you to take 3D pictures. Nintendo has also signed a deal with several studios to offer 3D movies.

A strong lineup of titles have been announced including Super Street Fighter 4, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries, Madden NFL 3DS, and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. While we do see a few original games including Kid Icarus: Uprising, several titles are 3D adaptations of pre-existing games.

Source: Nintendo

The 3DS doesn’t come in cheap. It’s the most expensive Nintendo portable console thus far. The original Game Boy ($80) adjusted for inflation would still come in at around $158 according to Kotaku. Games are ranging in the $30-$40 range as evidenced by early listings on Gamestop and Amazon. While there are a some pre-loaded apps and offerings of cheaper games via Virtual Console, it’s still a hefty price tag. The Wii amd 4GB XBOX 360 cost less.

To add to the bad news, the 3DS will be region-locked. While most users won’t feel a difference, it’s a disappointment for fans of Japanese games and imports. Another big disappointment is its battery life. The initial DS listed 6-10 hours battery life (with the subsequent iterations all ranging from 9-19 hours), the 3DS is only expected to have 3-5 hours for 3D games, 5-8 for standard games. It’s definitely limits the portability of the system.

The 3DS is expected to sell well. Still, there seems to be enough limitations and concerns for me to hold off, maybe even ’til the first revamp of the system (which is expected in about 2 years given Nintendo’s track pattern). Between expensive games (many of which I already own), the iffiness about 3D (having tried it, I found it  fun but am hesitant about spending long times with it), and the short battery life, Nintendo will need to really show the value in the 3DS before I invest my dollars.

Playstation Move or XBOX Kinect?

Posted in gaming on November 5th, 2010 by ddawg – 3 Comments

Following the Wii, both Sony and Microsoft have begun making their moves (no pun intended) into motion gaming. Though the two gaming giants have taken very different directions, ultimately gamers are still left wondering, is it worth it?

Let’s start with the basics. Sony with the “Move” takes a cue from the Wii, offering handheld devices that are tracked with the Playstation Eye (a camera connected to the PS3). The Move, however, offers much more precision and 1:1 movement tracking. No longer can one get away with a simple wrist flick for a tennis game. On the other side, Microsoft’s Kinect extension requires no additional peripherals aside from the camera mount. The camera itself has the ability to recognize faces as well as body moments. With the XBOX, the person IS the controller, where movements are tracked and translated into the game.

So which of the two should one get? It depends. Assuming one owns both systems, the Move and Kinect currently offer very different experiences.

Kinect BundleSource: Microsoft

For the hardcore gamer, the Move currently is the stronger contender. Though most gamers may already own a Wii, Sony’s point of differentiation is in the games. Whereas the Wii has been plagued with countless cheap party games, Sony has placed restrictions in attempts to ensure that the motion controls are not as gimmicky. Coupled with the PS3, hopes are high for A-level games to utilize the motion controls for a more in-depth experience. Upcoming titles such as Socom 4 have been announced, while older games, such as Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain have been updated to integrate with the Move. Until there is a radical shift in the way games are designed, complex games (including first person shooters) often require buttons and precision, which is much harder with the Kinect. While Sony has revamped what is now considered an old formula, the improvements look promising for those who are looking to game.

Playstation MoveSource: MTV

Kinect, on the other hand, has become the new Wii. Removing the controller entirely, the Kinect, like the Wii, is looking to get people off their couches and to turn their living rooms into exercise rooms, dance floors, and family game rooms. Microsoft’s strategy is geared much more at the casual market. With games like Dance Central and Kinectimals, the XBOX is now something for the mom, dad, and little sister. While this path includes the risk of turning the Kinect into another dust-collecting item on the self (like the Wii), Microsoft has taken steps to keep their product fresh. Like the PS3, the XBOX has become a media hub with services like Netflix and ESPN integrated into the console. With the Kinect, users can walk in and automatically be recognized and logged in (via the camera) and use their voice and hands to make their selections (No more wasted hours looking for the remote!). It’s definitely a revolutionary step that may lead the wave of change in our living rooms, as the iPhone has changed the way we use our phones. The Kinect is the way to go for those looking to get friends and family active and involved in the XBOX experience.

Microsoft KinectSource: Microsoft

Playstation Move BundleSource: Sony

Both devices offer exciting new experiences, although for very different audiences.  Of course, neither one comes cheap. The Move starts off with the $100 Move package, which bundles in the camera, one Move controller, and their version of Wii Sports. Each additional controller costs about $50 which can certainly add up. Kinect costs $150 but there are no additional costs. However, the Kinect requires approximately six to eight feet of space, which in a college dorm or urban apartment, may be hard to come by. Ultimately, while both look promising, it will be their catalog of games (and third party support) that will determine the success of these products. Unless there’s extra cash lying around or the immediate offerings are enough of a sell, it doesn’t hurt to wait a little longer to see how both products move (pun intended).

Gigawhat Episode 16: Lending You a Digital Book

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Source: Amazon

Neither my lack of internet or Iyaz’s cut off from all digital communication means (cell, Twitter, etc.) was going to stop the two of us from bringing this week’s Gigawhat!

Like unicorns, leprechauns, and other things of myths and legends, we explore the rumors of the Playstation Phone and the white iPhone. I’m thinking about getting a Kindle but I don’t think Iyaz is too keen on this digital book “lending” business. So much for borrowing his copy of “Podcasting for the This Old Nerd.”

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Gigawhat Episode 13: Playbooks, Facebooks, and e-Books

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Iyaz returns as we talk books (everything except the traditional paper kind). RIM announces their tablet, the Playbook. Is it worth getting? Will it give the iPad a run for it’s money?  With Hulu going on Roku, we also discuss the pros and cons of ditching that cable box and going straight for a set-top box.

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Unnamed Show 0.5: E3 Roundup

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On our second show, we (@iyaz & @derrickc82) give our two cents on this week’s video game convention, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), including our favorite picks and thoughts on the show’s winners and losers.

And like any good train wreck, we can’t help but look at the latest disaster from AT&T-Apple; when will Apple finally call it off with AT&T and find someone who can actually treat her right? And when can we finally expect to get our darn iPhone 4s? Finally, we examine Verizon’s thoughts of moving away from unlimited data plans and discuss what that means for the everyday consumer.

We still don’t have a title for the show but we’re open to suggestions. Leave us a comment and if your title gets picked… well… we’ll either send you a pic of my EVO or a tuna sandwich, your choice!

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E3: Day Three Gallery

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Pictures of the third and last day of E3!

8-Bit Mega Man 8

Posted in gaming on April 21st, 2010 by ddawg – Be the first to comment

Mega Man stands as one of the defining games for the Nintendo era. In fact, the recent releases of Mega Man 9 and 10 were magically brought back to the 80s, with the graphic and music styles of the earlier games. Mega Man 7 and 8, the two beautiful stepsisters of the series, stick out as the few games produced not for the Nintendo system (instead for the SNES, Playstation, and Saturn).

With the work of some passionate fans, you can enjoy these two games in all their 8-bit glory. While Mega Man 7 was actually redone a while back, number 8 was just released. While not official games, they are meticulously done to replicate the original game, but in 8-bit. Anyways, hit the links below to download and enjoy!

Mega Man 7
Mega Man 8