RIM Announces Blackberry PlayBook

In yesterday’s developer’s conference, RIM revealed their tablet, named the “Playbook.”

Specs-wise, the Playbook has a 7 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen. With only 0.4″ in thickness, the device weighs under a pound. It uses a 1GHz dual-core chip and has 1GB of built-in RAM. The tablet features a front and back-facing camera, 1080p video playback, (micro) USB 2.0 and support for Flash 10.1. While the Playbook will support WiFi, the initial model, according to CNET, will not have a 3G nor 4G antenna. Users will need to pair the tablet to their Blackberry phones (via Bluetooth).

While’s it’s easy to quickly draw comparisons to other tablet devices, especially the iPad, RIM’s device is clearly aimed at the enterprise market. The device will work to sync with Blackberry phones while testing has already begun with developers and certain corporate “customers.” The USB port can potentially be a useful addition, allowing users to transfer files between the Playbook and other devices. RIM is looking to expand their app store as well, providing new tools (and ad-support) to developers. While there might actually be a chance of getting (a non-texted based parody of) Angry Birds for Blackberry, don’t expect anything close to the Apple App Store, at least not yet.

There’s no word on pricing or exact release date. Currently it’s slated for early 2011. For most consumers, the Blackberry PlayBook probably won’t be the ideal tablet device, but if you’re a heavy Blackberry user (or need your fix of BBM on the road), you may want to keep close watch.

Here’s the preview video from RIM:

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